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Im in ur garage, eating all ur garbage

2008-05-09 16:54:11 by ZiggyZack99

Contest time! Contest:
Make a joke from this templete:
im in ur [noun], [verb]ing [preposistion] ur [noun]



2008-05-09 02:53:21 by ZiggyZack99

The site - http://www.shardwaresystems.co.nr - just got a makeover in LOOPY LASER RED! Also, the strategic placement of advertisements (bottom of the page) is raking in the cash... somewhat.


Problem of the week:
Aardvark + Kumquat = ?

Joke of the week:
{[jotw] | http://www.newgrounds.com/ }


2008-05-08 21:03:52 by ZiggyZack99

You know what? You need a job.

Try http://www.TransportationCrossing.com

It has a lot of jobs where you can transport goods. Now, you can not only have a vehicle, but you get paid for it too! Isn't that peachy... er, great? I'm glad you think so too!

So go on, get off of the couch, and start doing something to get out of your parent's house! Get a transportation industry job today!

No, I am not in India.

Wii Nintendo Channel

2008-05-07 18:00:57 by ZiggyZack99

Downloaded it an hour or two ago. So, like requires, I'ma make a stupid post about it!

Nintedo Channel is a Wii software. It does some crap with some stuff. The stuff can be verbed to your handbox. Oh wait....

Haha. My bad.

"Now, with my outstanding, superflous, high-achieving, kind, fast, intelligent, yellow, annoying, and home star Nintendo Channel, I can reach my goal of being a fat chick on a couch!

Oh wait...


I feel sexy.

2008-05-06 16:48:24 by ZiggyZack99

Actually, the fact I have Portal Security and Level 11 doesn't comfort me much, due to all the mentally assed kids around here.

In other crappy news, SBCG4AP (Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People) is coming along quite nicely. It may even meet the WiiWare launch deadline! Also, my friend's site - http://www.bobwarzinc.co.nr - I stabbed it in the heart and then left it to die. +1 advertisement point (if the above link doesn't work, try this one)

Also, some stuff happened, including pie, caik, glue, graghm (wtf) crackers, crackers, black kids, retarded kids, duct tape, electricity, water, wheelchairs, 14 drums, 20 band geeks, some chex mix, and a Pepsi. What's your guess as to what the hell's going to happen?


2008-05-05 01:40:09 by ZiggyZack99

Did you know I am an avid origamian? Well, I am. And with this great deal I can improve my stuff. I've always had to linger at the bottom steps of the Gami Kingdom, waiting for an acceptable instructional.... NOW I HAVE IT!

Rhapado. It sounds like some neighborhood punl hangout site, right? Well, I have got news for you: Rhapado is not. Not a punk urban hangout, I mean. Listen, Rhapado is all about how-to-dos and what-ta-make-of-it for fun and useful things like woodworking and origami. In fact, the origami section made me feel special. Wait.... OK. Bottom line is that Rhapado is your number one source for rainy day do-it-yourselfers. With low, low rates for downloadable guides, Rhapado is the place to go.


Seriously, now is the time to act. Not that I work for them or anything - because I don't. You all know me as a lazy blogger/programmer, the main word here being LAZY. So tell me what you think in a comment.
Anyways, I'm off to check out their hot origami kit/DVD combo item. Time for advanced techniqueing! (is that even a word?)

P.S. I have an unrelated comment too: post number 111! Haha.

Teh maaaaaaann....

2008-05-05 01:34:31 by ZiggyZack99

Maaaan... I'm like, soooooooooooo waaaaassstedddd.... maaaaaaannn.... duuudde

Sorry 'bout that. So, general public... what's up?


2008-04-30 06:32:44 by ZiggyZack99

I just came across a great site. It's name is Yearblook. It gets the best blog entry and puts it out for all to see. Have you ever wondered about flying space lizards? Yearblook has 'em. Purple-eyed dinosaurs? Maybe. But don't take my word for it...



2008-04-26 11:42:26 by ZiggyZack99

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I made it: lol.

Visiting ESB in 3D!

2008-04-25 17:41:54 by ZiggyZack99

W00t! Portal Security!

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Crappy model of teh empire state building in 3-D.

I made.