Entry #124

Brain Vomit

2008-05-20 19:11:15 by ZiggyZack99

Time to vomit 32,786 letters of my brain out on to the Newgrounds. Well, today is Thanksgiving, with the turkeys and the cranappleberrys and the other potatoes and crap. Delicious to eat, but your stomach may hurt a tiny bit after it exploded into a pile of steaming poop. That probably won't happen, but anything is possible... at least, in the Twilight Zone. However, this is not the Twilight Zone! This is the zone. Full of fun and crap. Mostly crap. Jeez, people nowadays are really stupid. For example, I was chatting with this guy - Michael Clark - and he thinks that "What's new?" is a good conversation topic. It's stupid. Victory for Firefox! And in spanish - ¡Victoria para el zorro del fuego! So Firefox really kicks some serious ass nowadays. Anyways, don't you hate those people who log in to various messaging clients but never respond? Pisses me the fuck off.