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Love the ending, but... aren't there any more upgrades?


Gotta love these stereotypes, eh?

Anyways, it could've used some more decoration, but that's all. Nice job!


He'll be back? A toddler with a gun?



Although this WAS rather tasteless, I guess it had it's merits. Nice job.


Besides the fact you just blatantly stole a script and added a few tweens, this was pretty good. You shouldn't have increased the frame rate, that made it too unrealistic.


Jesus, this is awesome. More people need to check this out. I enjoyed the target one a lot.

4.22 / 5.00 (+ 0.00037)

Gory, but fun. Congrats!


I made a track, it's kinda large...

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-[Epic Review Quest Review]-

Meh, it's not bad. I like killing things.

Also, you don't know how to use a microwave, do you?

-[Epic Review Quest Review]-

It's not just that I hate Britney. It's that this is crap, all choices lead to kiss, and there is no "Pick a Different Choice" option, only play again.

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